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What is Software TESTING? “… comparing the ambiguous to the invisible, so as to avoid the unthinkable happening to the unknown”

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What is the philosophy in our job?

13 March 2017

In all traditional domains there is something more than just technique, procedures and money… there is something philosophical which makes the human being complete. I wrote in one of my previous articles that I do not think we are one at work and another at home … we are ONE, THE SAME ONE in all…

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People who inspire

9 March 2017

In my Software Testing trainings I always insist on the last part of the “Fundamental Test Process” chapter on lessons learned. But I wonder if it applies only to projects… and to the analysis of “what can be improved”. A while ago I had an inspirational discussion with a really inspiring person, a pure breed…

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Human to Human in a world full of procedures

2 March 2017

People lead projects to success, people communicate with other people in order achieve their accomplishments. It seems that the new trend in business and professional environments in general seems to be Human to Human. But why? I have recently been exposed to two different environments: one in which I collaborated with people and another which…

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