What is the philosophy in our job?

13 March 2017

In all traditional domains there is something more than just technique, procedures and money… there is something philosophical which makes the human being complete. I wrote in one of my previous articles that I do not think we are one at work and another at home … we are ONE, THE SAME ONE in all…

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People who inspire

9 March 2017

In my Software Testing trainings I always insist on the last part of the “Fundamental Test Process” chapter on lessons learned. But I wonder if it applies only to projects… and to the analysis of “what can be improved”. A while ago I had an inspirational discussion with a really inspiring person, a pure breed…

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Human to Human in a world full of procedures

2 March 2017

People lead projects to success, people communicate with other people in order achieve their accomplishments. It seems that the new trend in business and professional environments in general seems to be Human to Human. But why? I have recently been exposed to two different environments: one in which I collaborated with people and another which…

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Why do we do full System Test?

8 January 2017

Schiaparelli module in ExoMars mission… lost in October 2016… a big blow to European Space Agency.  ESA announced on the 21st of October 2016 that its probe crashed on Mars soil; it was supposed to look for traces of life. ESA lost about 300 million euros. What happened? From the information sent to the press…

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Training: What can I improve in 2017?

8 January 2017

Usually at the end of the year we do a retrospective of the past year and make improvements. I did not do it, I was busy celebrating and enjoying the holidays with my family 🙂 But I did it as early as possible in the first days of 2017. Well 2016 was a very good…

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”It will not work in our environment… we are different”

25 December 2016

Too many times when I offered consultancy to companies regarding the quality assurance implementations I heard this line: ”It will not work in our environment… It is different here”. And I was just proposing basic strategies, verified and certified by research institutes. What surprised me was that the same persons were aware that the current…

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Overview and decisions in learning systems

25 November 2016

The education process is a complex ecosystem, making one decision who changes a part of it without having a good overview of the entire process may lead to uncontrolled effects in other parts of the ecosystem. I am after a decision of the Minister of Education in my country regarding homework time for children. This…

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Next Level in Training = BlitzTraining

13 December 2016

Speed is more and more a determining factor in nowadays IT projects. I was reading a few months ago in a report regarding Software testing, the “World quality Report” that Time To Market is the second most important KPI for projects in 2016 and 2017.  Ok, for testing I understand, we need to compress all…

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Medicine for Black Friday fever

23 November 2016

Black Friday again !  Lots of discounts, many tempted customers, many online purchases but as each year many failures of online shops. It happens year after year  when servers get Black Friday Fever, and year after year some potential customers are dissatisfied because exactly in the moment when they wanted their precious smartphone at a…

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Being an international trainer

16 November 2016

My friend Catalina asked me how is it to be an international trainer… or write something about it 🙂 so my dear, here are a few thoughts about this experience. It is like.. well, how should I put it? Imagine yourself eating the same dish every day, at all meals for a long period… how…

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