Tips & Tricks in Software Testing

6 November 2016

Once I received a good tip who had the value of a silver medal in national Athletics competition.  I was in high school, I was competing  in speed races at national championships and in that year, 1997, the coach gave me an extremely general and simplistic information who propelled me from average to champion. It…

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From the training room into the plate

17 October 2016

Motto: I don’t differentiate between recreation and survival, it’s al the same thing.   We are represented by everything we do. We cannot be one at work and another one at home, we humans are one! What I do, I apply in all areas of life including at home.  I don’t differentiate between job and…

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Re-use, Re-Cycle, RePURPOSE

12 October 2016

I was very impressed by human mind’s ingenuity in terms of giving a new purpose to old things, make them useful and alive once again. It happened during my last training for a Belgian customer who wanted to see the newest testing product from HPE – LeanFT.  LeanFT is a tool designed for lower levels…

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I always need more practice

1 October 2016

“I always need more practice ! ” is what my TaiChi Master said when someone else admired his high level skills. Following I always need more practice I will share what I found useful during my last training session delivered in Amadeus office last week. This is what I learned from students about what worked…

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What is the next step in training?

20 September 2016

Have you  ever wondered why trainings are not 100% efficient for all trainees? I mean, why not all of them are performing at the same level after following the same training? I certainly have because I need 100% success in my trainings. One may say that is the student’s fault or lack of involvement or…

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How to manage things when you had an unproductive day?

15 September 2016

Do not read this if you have never had a bad day in your life. If you have been efficient and productive in every day of your life thank you for reading so far. For all the rest thank you for continuing to read. Productivity, Efficiency, Innovation… very often used words in our present day…

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The importance of a Good Team

15 August 2016

In my country we have a saying: “Man sanctifies the place” or “Omul sfinteste locul”. I am on vacation with my beautiful family in a so called 3* resort on the shores of the Black Sea and I am actually living what I am going to write in the next rows. You know what it…

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Building Strategy in Software Testing

10 August 2016

The words below are valid for any domain not only Software Testing, however, I will restrict the context to testing because this is my area of expertise. In most business areas I see the PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) cycle recommended, however, in many projects the “Plan” phase tends to be reduced to only writing…

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Balance in Acceptance Testing

7 August 2016

Among different customers I had, the level of knowledge varies from very deep to very shallow. This is absolutely all right! Why? Because they do not need to be all IT specialists; however, the job must be done professionally. It would be rather unrealistic to think that all companies must have a well-trained acceptance testing…

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Return On Investment from Automated Functional Testing

26 July 2016

Return On Investment or ROI is a keyword in today’s business environment. Weather you are an entrepreneur or employee you need to show your stakeholders or clients  what is their gain from the investment they made in you. The relation salesman or entrepreneur and customer is clear, but make no mistake the employer expects a…

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