Focus – second pillar of training

11 July 2016

I am a Facilitator, I am a bridge between my trainees and knowledge. It is their choice to cross it and collect their much-deserved success! I am honored to be crossed by yet another strong and successful person. In my last article “Software Testing – being a knowledge transmitter”  published on LinkedIN I brought to…

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Software testing – being a knowledge transmitter

6 July 2016

“Fundamentals of Software Testing” the training that shaped my professional career 12 years ago, I had the pleasure to deliver last week in France for a multinational company in tourism industry. I finally stepped on the footsteps of my first trainer and created the conditions for 8 people to get certified by ISTQB from the…

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A Trainer’s Reward

1 July 2016

The best reward for a trainer is when the student says “I did it all end to end exercise from my memory by mistake… I thought the overview was the exercise and I did everything based on that thin information but I am happy that I remembered what to do” This is actually FANTASTIC it…

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Software testing. Fast… Faster… The Fastest…

23 June 2016

Have you heard these words before? Do you work in IT? Oh if you do I am sure you heard IT ! I need IT yesterday 🙂 Everybody needs IT yesterday however there are delays… And all the delays are accumulated in the last phase of the IT project which is in most cases .…

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Live your job – Test in Real Life Conditions

15 June 2016

My TaiChi Master kept telling me to practice everywhere I can, any time I can… in the same time I was continuously searching for the “appropriate” places to practice and the most “appropriate” moments. I kept inventing conditions like empty room, no one to see me, quiet and relaxing place, you know … excuses. The…

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Software testing – how much is enough?

8 June 2016

Oh, I can’t even fully explain how much I truly live for this sound. The Sssshhh as the arrow cuts through the air and then a quick thwak, acknowledging that you hit your target… Of course you can shoot for fun but there is a risk of missing the target… and when you miss the…

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The Pesticide Paradox – the blend between Software Testing and Agriculture

7 June 2016

The understanding of fundamental principles in a discipline may come from the most unexpected areas in the most unexpected moments. It is all about learning at every step about everything around you. Such example is the Pesticide Paradox in Software Testing. I learned it 12 years ago from a BCS instructor, really understood it three…

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