Enhanced Learning Techniques

Next training: 11 - 12 Sep 2017



11 – 12 Sep 2017 (Bucharest)


A quick infusion of efficient learning techniques delivered in the first day of your training. It is aiming at making the reading of your material much easier and store more information in the long term memory. This one hour at the end of the first day will increase your confidence that you can absorb all information fast. In the workshop you will hear information extracted from MIT researchers about your brain’s functionality, you will experience three learning techniques and all that will be completed by a hands-on exercise. You will practice using parts of the material presented during that day.


  • increases your self-confidence
  • teaches you how to use your brain best
  • enables you to enjoy any learning process
  • enables you to stay up-to-date professionally
  • gives you an edge over your competitors
  • translates learning power into earning power
  • gives you a head start and maximizes your learning potential
  • gives you customized techniques to score better on tests and exams
  • reduces the stress and frustration of learning experiences

Payment is done in 4 simple steps:

1. Please register through the registration link and in the message please mention the number of participants and your contact details

2. I will send you a proform invoice with all payment details

3. Please pay the proform invoice in maximum 3 days

4. One the payment is confirmed in our system we will send you a confirmation email with the final registration

Standard Price: 250 EUR + VAT / person

-15% discount book until 10 Aug 2017

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