Human to Human in a world full of procedures

2 March 2017

People lead projects to success, people communicate with other people in order achieve their accomplishments. It seems that the new trend in business and professional environments in general seems to be Human to Human. But why?

I have recently been exposed to two different environments: one in which I collaborated with people and another which gave me the appearance of human interaction, but in essence was cold and blocked by procedures.

The first one where I had a great experience was an Application Lifecycle Management training in Zagreb for a part of the team of Hrvatski Telecom. Thank you dear friends for a wonderful experience, it has been a pleasure to work with you. Why was it successful and motivating for me? Because we communicated Human 2 Human, open professional communication spiced with personal opinions, emotions and presenting real life situations. The atmosphere make me to give all my best, to adapt to their real needs (honestly declared) and most of all: stimulated my creativity! Wonderful people, looking forward to work with them again.

The other experience, please allow me to keep the identification data confidential, was a set of discussions in another corporation who simulated interest in humans. The process was professionally structured, they had excellent attention to detail and were good professionals but…. When I tried to communicate at a more human level I hit a wall imposed by procedures. At some point we discussed about family and my interlocutor told me he is not allowed to ask me if I have children for fear of making discrimination…  I appreciated the “politically correct” approach but it was a little exaggerated. I found many other rigidities hidden behind the appearance of a “people oriented process”. That was only a process and the persons executing it closely to machines. A low level communication who did not produce any good result.

I strongly believe that brain must be used for creation and machines for execution. Let me come back to the nice training in Zagreb, and to a productive environment:  the key to success in this case was Human 2 Human communication in a professional context. That stimulated both parties to deliver their best performance.

Well, it seems it was a good insight, a good lesson learned after this training.

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