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9 March 2017

In my Software Testing trainings I always insist on the last part of the “Fundamental Test Process” chapter on lessons learned. But I wonder if it applies only to projects… and to the analysis of “what can be improved”.
A while ago I had an inspirational discussion with a really inspiring person, a pure breed entrepreneur who gave me a direction for the future... The long story short: he invites me for a discussion with the intention of hiring me in a very innovative and strongly motivated company. During this discussion we talked about my projects and his; at some point he served me such an important lesson that will most probably reshape my way of thinking alongside with my entire career. 

The few words that struck me were “your projects do not seem to be very entrepreneurial”…Point taken, because it turned my attention to a project very dear to my soul but rather neglected due to high pressure of standard projects. This project is a mix between IT, Automation and one of my passions ecological agriculture. This project is about automation of a greenhouse at such level that human intervention is reduced to a minimum. My project is aiming people who want to grow their own food with respect to the ecosystem and environment. In my four years of experience in ecological agriculture I realized that understanding the environment and the real needs of plants can produce more than enough food to live from one year to another for a family who owns a small plot of land. Healthy food! 

But what to do when you live in a city, your small garden is kilometers away and you have to manage it? Well you may use the automated system I am developing to remotely manage your farm with minimum human intervention. This under the logo “grow your own food” which would be a personal reward for me when I will succeed in promoting it to as many people as possible.    

This is by the definition of this inspirational person of an entrepreneurial project. And yes, he has great experience with this kind of productive entrepreneurship.

Lesson learned, move this project into focus! Where you can learn a good lesson? Everywhere!  How to learn a good lesson? Take some time to meditate after a discussion with a valuable person, analyze words, see what that person meant.

Thank you Christopher Richardson, you gave me the lesson of the year!

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