Fundamentals of Software Testing

The purpose of this course is to give your testing team essential knowledge of software testing, knowledge that will enable them to test any application. After graduating this course your testers will know how to organize the testing process, how to make testing more efficient and how to communicate with other teams. The training follows ISTQB curricula and will make you ready to pass the Certification exam.


  • acquire sufficient knowledge to put in place an efficient testing system
  • alining your testers to internationally accepted standards
  • Presentation oriented on “how to put IT in practice”
  • In the fourth day you may choose between extra preparation for the certification exam or an end to end exercise where you will put all the theory in practice


Many trainings according to ISTQB curricula are mostly theoretical; in my training I will focus on how to put this theory in practice. I believe the real value comes from applying what you learn in practice and make your life easier

4 days training

Training Schedule
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