User Acceptance Testing

This training is dedicated to organisations who purchase software usually customised for their business. This training will present what is Acceptance testing, what is the best approach to verify that the software you purchase really meets your business needs. The main concept behind acceptance testing is that “it should not be the customer’s responsibility to debug the system, but  to demonstrate its acceptability” .

This training is particularly useful to beneficiaries who do not have a professional testing team, nor they are willing to hire external testers, instead they plan to use their own people with strong business knowledge.  We will describe the entire SDLC, will place Acceptance testing in it, we will insist on testing techniques aligned to most efficient testing philosophy on the market today. During these two days we will see how to organize an Acceptance Test, how to define the entry and exit criteria and most important how to make sure that your Software is usable.


  • Accent on practice “How to use IT in practice” is a question that will be answered at every chapter
  • Accent on usability testing, aspect usually ignored in most trainings
  • Creates a very efficient combination between your already knowledgeable business people and a professional software testing
  • Allows your Acceptance Testing Team to better cooperate with the software vendor


  • Accent on usability testing
  • What to expect from your vendors
  • How should it be managed for maximum efficiency
Training Schedule
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