Training: What can I improve in 2017?

8 January 2017

Usually at the end of the year we do a retrospective of the past year and make improvements. I did not do it, I was busy celebrating and enjoying the holidays with my family 🙂

But I did it as early as possible in the first days of 2017. Well 2016 was a very good year in training, the main achievement was 100% ISTQB certification rate for all my Foundation Level in Software Testing sessions. There have been many sessions regarding various subjects, I learned a lot from the delegates in my classes and they learned also interesting things. Many good things; I like to start with good things always.

I said in my previous articles that most of the responsibility falls on to the trainer. He is there for the delegates and throughout the entire training duration “IS ALL ABOUT THEM”. But I could not help noticing a certain thrill in the delegates when they see the thick books with material for three or five days only.

I noticed this thrill in particular when at the end of the training was an exam, like in ISTQB Foundation Level in Software Testing sessions. “Will we be able to learn all that in only three days?” I was asked that at every session.

I am talking about continuous improvement all the time, lessons learned and implement solutions. Now I have to put my money where my mouth is! What shall I do with this thrill?  How can be people confident that they can absorb all that material?  

I must be grateful to my son for that!

The solution is simple: I started a new project called ELT “Efficient Learning Techniques”. That is a practical workshop where I will show how to learn, simple techniques to help you focus better, store the information in the long time memory and access it quickly. After ELT the delegates will be confident that they can absorb the large quantity of information delivered in trainings, remember it for longer and score better in exams.

I am grateful to my son because I was challenged by him to “do something” and make him more efficient in school. Actually the real reason was “to have more time to play”.  I am studying this subject for quite a while, testing it on me, and then test it on my son. What is good for my son it will be for sure good for my delegates.  

First delivery will be in September 2017 and the main beneficiaries will be people in industries where you need to accumulate a lot of information in a very small amount of time. Like IT   

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